As usual, you will have to organize your trip to the World Games by yourself. But since Bochum is in the center of the "Pott" you can head for two airports, Dortmund (continental) and Düsseldorf (intercontinental). If you need help to organize your transfer from the airport to Bochum, feel free to contact us.

For those of you arriving by car, parking in the center of Bochum is not free. There is limited parking at the hostel for a daily fee. Since you will receive a ticket for public transportation (See Moving) you can unload your luggage at the hostel, park your car at the gym for free and then reach the hostel by tram. If you want to rent a parking spot, let us know as soon as possible and we will organize it for you.




Jugendherberge Bochum

Humboldtstraße 59-63

 44787 Bochum